Physio Services Offered

Services Include:

In depth Assessment of injury and impairment.

Treatment aimed at reducing impairment,  improving function and preventing re-injury.

Referral to other healthcare professionals and/or specialists if necessary.

We also offer corporate an event physiotherapy services. Please contact us for further details.


Treatment modalities:

  • Joint mobilisation and manipulation: Neck, Back and other joints
  • The McKenzie method for treatment of back and neck pain
  • Soft tissue mobilisation: Massage and Myofascial release techniques
  • Shock Wave Therapy (Learn More)
  • Electrotherapy: Ultrasound, Interferential or TENS
  • Exercise prescription: Stretches, Strengthening, Core stability, Balance & Proprioception
  • Sports screening & injury prevention programmes
  • Strapping and Taping (including Kinesiotaping and Dynamic taping) (Learn More)
  • Thermotherapy: Heat & Ice (Learn More)
  • Dry Needling & Trigger point therapy (Learn More)
  • Posture and Ergonomic correction (Learn More)

Dry NeedlingCore stabilityOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA