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Back and Neck Treatment

Find the CAUSE of your Back/Neck pain

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Soft Tissue Release

Soft tissue mobilisation

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Shock Wave Therapy

Cutting edge form of treatment in the world of sports medicine.

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Sports Injuries

Up-to-date, Current trends in Sports Medicine

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Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Post operative treatment

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REquest Service

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In Addition to our commitment towards excellence our advantages are :

We strive to ensure extraordinary post-injury and surgical outcomes for patients and doctors, by providing outstanding physiotherapy, comprehensive education and continuing post-therapy support.

  • Head Aches
  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Sport Injuries
  • Rehabilitation
  • One-on-One sessions
  • Extended Business Hours
  • “Hands-on-Treatment”
  • Up To Date, Validated Treatment
  • Medical Aid Rates

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We believe in a one-patient-to-one-physio approach, and you will be guaranteed the full attention of the Physiotherapist for the duration of your treatment.

We pride ourselves on individual specific assessment, treatment and goal-specific rehabilitation. Our area of special interest is in sports injury rehabilitation and back/neck pain management, however we do treat a multitude of other conditions.







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What our patients are saying

In my personal opinion what separates Ric is his understanding of general fitness/sports and what's required of the body, which makes for a good starting point in his assesments. Thorough, knowledgeable and professional. #doesyourphysioevenlift

Brad Strydom

Ric is a great physio that really cares about his patients and their well-being, helped me on numerous occasions to get 100% for training

Cameron Mitchell

Riccardo is a great physio therapist with a great way in dealing with his patients. He is kind, caring and knows his stuff! Thanks for getting my tennis elbow sorted

Genevieve Lee Hutton

Riccardo Vaccaro is knowledgeable and extremely professional in his approach to getting you back on track. Being quite injury prone, I have trusted Riccardo to get me back to my training, and he has delivered every time! I would recommend anyone in need of physiotherapy to Riccardo! He loves his work, and this is evident in his treatment

Rohan Swarts

Been going to Ric for years and every time is very professional. Always helps me understand the issues and why and is extremely good at what he does. A step above the rest as his knowledge of injuries and how they relate in their various sports is very good!

James Dunn

I have been going to Ric for many years with various injuries and his approach to resolving the injury has been methodical and speedy. He also helps one understand the problem, how it happened and how to prevent it going forward which is absolutely awesome! I highly recommend his services to all friends and family and many who have seen him have had the same feedback!

Bradford Faultley

Ric is a highly competent and knowledgeable physiotherapist. He is punctual when it comes to appointments and very thorough when it comes to the examination and treatment of injuries and "niggles". I have only had positive experiences and results going there...

Odette Calitz

I am fully recovered after having major knee surgery (ACL replacement, MCL,LCL and meniscus repair) thanks to Ric from Physio Pro. He is very professional and knowledgeable in what he does. I have dealt with many physio's in my sporting career and Ric is by far the best I've been to. 110%

Allen Quinton

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Acute injuries- RICE or MEAT?

Things are constantly evolving in the world of sports medicine. With a better understanding of how the human body works, comes an ever changing understanding of how best to treat it. One such notion which needs to be challenged is the age old acronym of R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate) used for the management of

We will, we will SHOCK you!!

Shock wave therapy (also known as extracorporeal shock wave) is a cutting edge form of treatment in the world of sports medicine. Its a very similar technology to that used to “blast” kidney and gallstones, and does not involve electrical shocks (don’t panic, this isn’t the dark ages) but rather mechanical pulses, similar to sound waves. Although the

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How to safely increase your running distance With summer just around the corner, most people have started getting ready for their beach body. You may have taken up any number of sports to achieve this, but certainly, the most common “seasonal sport” is running. Running is a relatively cheap, easily accessible sport, but if you